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How do I assemble an Electric One?

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How do I adjust the saddle height?

Adjust the saddle to the desired height. You can stand next to the bike and adjust the height of the saddle to hip height. Sit on the saddle with your heel on the bottom pedal to fine-tune the height to your body. When the saddle is properly adjusted

How do I install and use the battery?

The basic functionality of the button lights is to indicate the State of Charge (SoC). The SoC has the following colour indicators: Blue steady light: Fully charged Green steady light: Medium charged Red steady light: Low on charge Red flickering

How do I pair and calibrate the Enviolo Automatic gear shiting device?

Calibration of your Enviolo device enhances your shifting gears responsiveness to create an even more smooth ride then it already is. We recommend calibrating twice a year and after repair is done. Calibration can be easily done via our Veloretti app

How do I use the display?

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How do I download the Veloretti app and connect my Electric bike?

To create the best riding experience possible, we recommend connecting the display with the Veloretti app. Download on the Apple store Download on Android It’s not necessary to download and connect the Veloretti app to use the bike and get the most

How do I break in the disc brakes?

It's good to know that you need to break in the hydraulic disc brakes before you start using them. You can do this by cycling around 20-25 km/h and then brake with both front and rear brakes until you hit a stand-still. Now cycle back to 20-25 km/h

How do I mount the rear lock?

Installing a lock is very simple! You just have to unscrew the two inbus bolts in the frame and put the lock on the right place and tighten the bolts again. Need more help? Please reach out to our Customer Care on +31 (0) 20 2611433 or via email at

How do I attach the STVZO light?

Please follow the following instructions to mount the STVZO light to the frame. Open the allen bolt on the front fork (just above the front wheel fender) Place the STVZO light over the allen bolt and put it back in the front fork Tighten the allen

How can I mount the front carrier?

See the manual . Need more help? Please reach out to our Customer Care on +31 (0) 20 2611433 or via email at [email protected] You can also get some help from a local bike shop, but it will be at your own cost.