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Leasing for companies

Leasing for companies

Can I lease an Electric bike directly with Veloretti?

Veloretti only offers leasing options to employees via their companies. Maybe your company offers this? For more information on company leasing click here.

What are lease benefits?

Nowadays everyone is doing their best to reduce CO2 emissions and cycling to work is a good solution for this. As an employer, you also score points when you let your staff ride to work on a stylish Veloretti. Cycling to work also saves a lot of

How does leasing of an Electric bike work?

Veloretti only offers leasing options to companies, so ask your HR contact if yours is one of them. When leasing is possible at your company, you can lease an Electric bike for a set period of 36 months. After that period there is the option to

In which countries is leasing an option?

At this moment leasing a Veloretti Electric is only possible in the Netherlands. We are working hard to expand our leasing program to other countries.