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What do the lights mean on the Battery buttonUpdated a year ago

The basic functionality of the button lights is to indicate the State of Charge (SoC). The SoC has the following color indicators: 

  • Blue steady light: Fully charged 
  • Green steady light: Medium charged 
  • Red steady light: Low on charge 
  • Red flickering light: Almost empty/empty 

State of Charge is also visible on your display and in the Veloretti app. In case of some older batteries (Electric One), the button has an extra function where you can turn the battery off for 10 seconds, so the user can insert the battery in all safety into the frame. Not doing so, will cause the battery to spark a bit while inserting. In newer batteries we had activation set up changed, where sparks can’t happen. 

User instructions for older batteries (Older models Electric One):

  • Press the button two times to activate the 'entry mode' of the battery.
  • Pressing the first time shows the SoC (which could be any colour mentioned above)
  • Pressing the second time will make the green light flash, meaning the battery will go into 'entry mode' and be deactivated for 10 seconds.
  • You can now place the battery into the frame in all safety. Once in the frame, the battery will activate again after 10 seconds.
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