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I don’t feel much power assisting meUpdated a year ago

If you don't feel much power using the assistance levels via the display, then there could be an issue with the speed magnet that is attached to one of your spokes in the rear wheel. The speed magnet communicates with a sensor that is mounted on the right lower part of the frame (facing forward on the bike). Every time the spoke with the speed magnet crosses the sensor attached to the frame, it's communicating the power that is needed for the bike to hit a specific speed. If the speed magnet on the spoke is not crossing the sensor, the motor can't give the correct amount of power to hit your speed.

  • Make sure the speed magnet on the spoke in the rear wheel is tightened and that the magnet part is facing the right side of the bike.
  • Find the sensor on the right lower part of the frame (it's black, branded with Bafang).
  • Spin the wheel, so the magnet on the spoke is before the sensor. Adjust the speed magnet so it's at the right level, and not missing the sensor while the rear wheel spins.
  • The speed magnet should be around a height of 2-3 cm on the spoke, calculated from the wheel rim towards the center of the wheel. 

Issue still occurring? Please contact Customer Care team at +31 (0) 20 2611433 or via email at [email protected].

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