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Wheel, fender, saddle

My rear wheel is not mounted straight (Electric One)

We recommend adjusting this at a professional bike shop, preferably specializing in e-bikes. To fix it yourself, first unscrew the six imbus bolts next to the big nut that holds the rear wheel. You can move the rear wheel by tightening or loosen the

My fender needs adjusting

You can adjust the rear fender by opening the inbus bolt at the end of the fender stays. If the fender is in the right position, tighten the bolts again. You can also have this done at a professional local bike shop (preferably specialized in

My saddle is too high or low

To adjust the height of the saddle, loosen the inbus on the saddle clamp on top of the frame, the right height is around hip height when you stand next to the bike. If you want to move the saddle to the front or back you have to loosen the imbus on