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My City bike or Kids' bike tyre is flat

Our bikes have standard tyres, available and repairable at professional bike shops. Tyre Mini - 12(1/2) x 2(1/4) (57-203) Inner tube Mini - 12(1/2) x 2(1/4) Tyre Maxi - 16 x 1,75 (47-305) Inner tube Maxi - 16" (47/62-305) Tyre Junior - 20 x 1,75

How to pump up my City bike tyre?

Our City bikes have a 'Presta valve'. There is a Dunlop valve adapter available at professional bike shops if you need it. Watch the video on our YouTube channel showing how to pump the tires for our City bikes.

My City bike or Kids' bike tyre has a wobble

When the tyre shows a wobble, this indicates that the inner-tube is incorrectly placed. To resolve this you can take out the innertube and correct it or go to a professional bike shop to get support. When the wheel itself has a wobble, the wheel