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Strange noise?

Noise is coming from the wheel and fenders

The sound can be produced by the fender touching the wheel/tyres when you ride. In most cases, you can bend the fender a bit to have the sound disappear. You can try to correct it when the fender is still mounted. Not working? Please seek support fro

Noise is coming from the disc brakes in the wheel

To solve this squeaky noise we advise you to visit a professional bike shop. Otherwise, there's usually three reasons which you can try to fix yourself: Contamination or glazing of the brake pads or rotor can be the cause. Contaminants (such as oil

Noise is coming from my handlebar/front fork

If there is a ticking noise coming from the handlebar, there is a chance the headset needs to be adjusted or the front fork needs to be greased. Please send a video of the ticking noise to our customer care team, they will take a look at the issue an