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What is the warranty policy?Updated a year ago

Here’s a quick overview of our policy, for more details, please visit our terms and conditions

All Veloretti frames come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing flaws.

Within the scope of EU law, Veloretti is liable for material faults for the first two years, following the delivery of your bike.  During the first six months, it is assumed that the fault already existed at the time of purchase.

Warranty does not apply in the following situations:

  • Normal wear and tear for components such as tires, saddle, grips, brake pads etc.
  • Faults related to the normal use of the product, or the service life of the product, such as a weakened of flat battery that can be replaced by the consumer.
  • Incorrect, improper, negligence, injudicious or incompetent use, maintenance, storage, assembly, installation or transportation and/or connection etc. of the electric bike by you or a third party.
  • Minor deficiencies or deviations, which fall within the levels of tolerance as accepted in good commercial practice.
  • The use of the bike by you or a third party for a purpose other than that for which they are normally or specifically intended or the use in improper conditions.
  • When you or a third party is acting in contrary to Veloretti’s instructions, indications and advice or any manuals.
  • The maintenance or repair done by yourself or a third party without Veloretti’s prior consent.
  • When you have not complied with the maintenance requirements in the user manual (e.g. insufficient brake maintenance)
  • Any modification by you or a third party or the attachment of other items to the bike by you or a third party, without Veloretti’s consent.
  • Detection of prohibited speed modifications. This technical modification limits the bike’s proper functioning, and can lead to defects or the breakage of the modified part or other bike components.
  • If the serial number of the bike has been removed, erased, defaced, altered or is illegible in any way.
  • Contact with aggressive substances, including aggressive detergents etc.
  • User-incurred damage and/or unforeseen accidents.

In the event that a warranty claim is justified, Veloretti shall, at its sole discretion, deliver a replacement, similar but not necessarily identical, of a defective frame or component(s) (after which the replaced frame or components shall become the property of Veloretti) or make a commercially reasonable effort to repair the frame or components free of charge within a reasonable period upon receipt of the claim or give a price reduction or cancel the sales agreement. 

Clearly stated this warranty applies only to the original consumer and is not transferable.

If there is a defect/possible liability claim, please get in touch with Veloretti Customer Care as soon as possible. If you want to claim, a proof of purchase is required.

The warranty referred to in this article applies to bike use within the Netherlands. If used outside the Netherlands, you must personally verify that the bike or accessories are suitable for use there and meet the conditions that are set. Please note that it is your own responsibility that the bicycle complies with the laws of its country. If it turns out that a bike does not comply with the laws of your country, please do tell us, but you cannot hold Veloretti or any of its officers, directors, employees, agents, partners, suppliers and similar, liable.

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