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What is the Dutch bike Plan and how does it work?Updated 13 days ago

The Bicycle Plan is a Dutch government programme that encourages people to cycle to work.

Employees can get a tax benefit if they buy a new bike through their employer. In the case of an electric bike, this quickly saves some money. This scheme not only saves money for the employees, but also for the employer, as they have to pay less gross salary.

Besides the benefits of saving money, employers also offer this to their employees in connection with vitality policies, to increase sustainability efforts and solve parking problems. You can use the bike plan scheme in cooperation with your employer if you live in the Netherlands.
Veloretti collaborates with Nationale Fiets Projecten (NFP)/Fiscfree for this purpose. We recommend you always contact your HR department first to discuss the possibilities.

Ordering a bicycle via Fiscfree/a bicycle plan is subject to the following conditions:

  • Any discounts and promotions are excluded from participation.

  • It is not possible to deliver the bike to a retail partner when participating in the Dutch bike plan. 

  • It is not possible to purchase the premium package when participating in the Dutch bike plan. Of course, you are free to have your bike insured elsewhere.

  • Per order, we charge a processing fee of €. 75. These costs cannot be included in the bicycle plan and will be charged directly to you.

If your employer is affiliated to Fiscfree, follow the steps below:

  • Submit your order using the form provided by your employer. Your employer should then forward this to Fiscfree. It is also possible to place the order via the Fiscfree portal. To do so, you will need your cycling card code, which Fiscfree will give you.

  • After placing your order with Fiscfree, send an overview of the total order to [email protected]. Make sure that the total amount corresponds to the total price you entered when placing your order. If you wish to purchase accessories with National Bike Vouchers, you can mention this here. We will then give you instructions on how to use them with us.

  • Please note that we will charge a processing fee of €. 75 per order placed. We will send you a payment request for this.

  • And then comes the fun part! We receive the approval and check whether the payment behaviour is correct. We also check whether the processing fee has been paid. If everything is correct, we will process your order and you will receive confirmation!

If your employer has its own bike plan, follow the steps below:

  • Send us an overview of the total order you want. We would also like to receive the details to be included on the invoice and the delivery address. You can send this to [email protected].

  • We will then send you a pro-forma invoice that your employer can pay. This can be done via the enclosed link, or via a manual payment. If your employer pays via the enclosed link, the order will be processed automatically and you will receive confirmation of this.

  • If your employer pays by manual payment, you will have to inform us. We will then check this in our system and can confirm your order.

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